Enjoying our cooking class experience

in Tel-Aviv

"Foodsteps" is a cooking school and we offer an exciting culinary experience based on a variety of cuisines from all around the world

Why "Foodsteps"?

The Experience!

Our school is open for over a decade now, hosting large and small groups for baking or cooking workshops in Tel-Aviv. We work with large business organizations in Israel and abroad, and also create private events for families and friends.

It's all about you!

Each group is different, so we treat each one as if it is our first and only; The chefs will make sure the workshop structure and menu suits you perfectly - so you'll have the best experience and everyone will keep talking about it, even when you'll go back to work.

The Chefs!

Avishay Siag and Noam Shalev are the owners of this school.  They're both chefs with extensive professional experience who attended cooking schools in New York and London. Both of them are involved in the process of booking an event for each group, and create all workshops menus. They're available for questions before and after your event! The rest of "Foodsteps"'s chefs were selectively chosen and they also have a lot of experience in cooking and guiding participants with or without prior knowledge in the kitchen.

Our Loft!

The School is located in an intimate boutique loft in Tel-Aviv that contains 3 modular cooking classes. Those classes can be connected or separated, depending on the space required for your event. We host events containing up to 90 participants; if you're over 50 participants, the whole complex is closed for you.

The location!

Our Loft is located right in the heart of Tel Aviv: in Montefiore neighborhood, 10 minutes walk from Azrieli, 2 minutes from Ha'masger St. and Sderot Yehudit. And most importantly - no parking problem! If you're coming in the afternoon or evening time there's no problem parking in the street right beneath the school. If you want to come in the morning we will tell you where is the nearest (and cheapest!) parking lot.  * We can also happily come and perform our cooking class everywhere in Israel – even outdoors.

All inclusive!

We want you to enjoy your time here with us, have fun and extend your knowledge. You will have free access to everything around, as if it was your own home; You can touch the equipment and ingredients, open every refrigerator, drink lots of wine, use everything, make mistakes, surprise you self and us!...


To remain objective "Foodsteps" does not sell products or kitchen brands. We do not engage in promotions: when we recommend the equipment or buy it for our school, we do so with complete faith that this is the most suitable and best product.

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