The perfect cooking class for meat lovers

About the class

A rich and unique class for meat lovers, full of aromas and flavors

The class opens with an in-depth lecture of the chef on various beef stakes as well as working and cooking techniques. After the lecture, the participants make a rich variety of dishes, some of which will be served during the class and some at the final meal.

The menu

  • Beef ribs roasted in the oven with sweet and sour barbecue sauce

    Roasting an asado or a prime rib in a unique marinade for 4 hours in low heat. The dish is served with potatoes which are roasted separately.

  • Beef stew in apple cider

    We will learn about the principles of stew and casserole making, which the participants will be able to implement at home.

  • Mini burger in a home-made bun, served with French fries

    We will learn which types of meat are the best to make a hamburger and how to make and season the patty. We will also make soft buns, aioli and home-made ketchup and, of course, crispy French fries from fresh potatoes in 2 fryers.

  • Spicy beef cutlets in ginger and broccoli, served with white rice

    We will learn how to make stir-fried dishes at home. The dish includes wet-aged sirloin in soy and brandy marinade, stir-fried with ginger and garlic and served with broccoli and white rice.

  • Sanieh with meat, smoked eggplants, tomatoes and tahini

    Seasoned beef (can also be made with lamb) served in a hot frying pan with roasted eggplants and tomatoes. Tahini is poured on top and the dish is served hot. This is a simple dish, rich in flavors, which can be easily made at home.

  • Fresh salad with cherry tomatoes and mushrooms in balsamic vinegar

    Meat dishes should be served with fresh vegetables. The salad is fresh and develops the appetite for more meat…

  • For dessert: hot chocolate soufflé The all-time favorite dessert, which tastes good with or without dairy. It can also be made without flour/gluten.

How do we work in class?

The participants are divided into groups of 3-4 people by each table. Each pair prepares at least 2 dishes from the menu while the prime rib dish will be demonstrated by the chef. Each group will prepare the 4 main dishes: beef stew in apple cider, mini burger (including buns and French fries), stir-fried beef cutlets and Sanieh. The salad and the dessert will be prepared for the entire group.

Before we start…

* All participants should wear closed shoes and collect their hair!
** Participants should be at least 18 years old. Younger participants would require a special permission.

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