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Cooking classes for companies is Foodsteps

We know how important it is to you to come up with an original and exciting activity for your team to enjoy, collaborate, and remember for a long time!

We offer a fascinating and rich culinary experience, based on a variety of cuisines, cooking and baking styles from around the world. You are in for an amazing atmosphere, great music, free wine and delicious tastes..

Our cooking classes are planned for various company events: team building events , business meetings, and a treat for visitors from abroad, project completion, farewell events, toasts, and season or holiday markings.

We are here to brainstorm and plan the perfect event specifically to your needs (here are some helpful tips for event planning – click here).

A day with Foodsteps

Welcome - gathering and light refreshments (focaccias and dips + hot and cold drinks).
Delivery of recipes, aprons, equipment and products.
Chef's explanations on the products, menu and the selected dishes.
Participants are divided into teams to prepare the dishes.
The meal – the groups gather to eat the dishes they prepared.
Activity duration: 3-4 hours, depending on the group's pace and progress

So what's cookin'?

Our menus are planned thoughtfully so that each group can find the best workshop. It is recommended to advise with the chef before choosing the menu and check the available options for vegetarians/vegan/allergists etc. Our workshops are all kosher under the supervision of Tel Aviv Rabbinate

Want to taste a different kind of fun?

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Why Foodsteps?

סדנאות בישול

The experience

For over a decade now, Foodsteps has been a leader of cooking and baking classes for large and small groups, from the business and private sectors in Israel and abroad.

The focus is on you

Each group has different needs and purposes, therefore, we feel as if each event is our first. The chefs plan the activity and the menu so that you will have the perfect experience.

The chefs

Foodstep's owners, Avishai Sayag and Noam Shalev are experienced chefs, who graduated from luxurious culinary academies in New York and London and have been working in the field for many years. They both take part in the ordering process of each group and in the selection of the menus. They are available for questions before and after the class. They are accompanied by our team of chefs, who possesses extensive experience in Israel and abroad.

The complex

We are located at a nice and friendly boutique loft. It comprises 3 modular cooking classes, which we can combine or separate. We hold events of up to 90 participants. For an event of over 50 participants, we would close the loft exclusively for you.

The location

We are located at the heart of Tel Aviv, at the Montifiori neighborhood, 10 minutes' walk from Azrieli Center, 2 minutes away from Ha'masger Street and from Yehudit Boulevard. Most importantly – no parking problem! In the afternoon, you can park right below our place and in the morning we have an arrangement with a close parking lot. *That said, we can hold classes anywhere in Israel (even outdoors!).

It's all inclusive

We want you to enjoy the class, engage your team, learn, and feel at home. You can touch the equipment, products, open any fridge or door, and drink wine as much as you want. The menus are concluded in advance and there are no extra costs.

We offer complementary activities that can add value to your classes

"Knife fight"

Each group receives a list of recipes and is required to find creative solutions for different situations. The judges evaluate the team work, dish quality, service, original thinking, table setting etc. and declare the winners at the end of the activity.

Market tours

The group meets with the chef at Levinsky market before the class. The tour takes approximately an hour and half, including tastings.

"Let's play chef"

Each group receives a grocery bag and needs to plan the menu. The bags include different products and the groups need to switch products to plan the whole meal.

Dynamic cooking class

This class is intended for companies, which go through a personal/organizational change or as an activity for a new team. The activity puts the emphasis on communication, decision making, process enhancement etc. At the end of the meal, the participants analyze, under the direction of the chef, the personal and group processes they experienced in the class.

Want to taste a different kind of fun?

Fill in the details below and we will get back to you shortly

For price quotes, menus and any idea or question you may have, call 03-9795813 or leave a message here.

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