Italian meat cuisine

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About the class

Italian cuisine is one of the famous and tastiest cuisines in the world, which is why this class is so popular among cooking lovers.
Throughout history, different regions in Italy were dominated by different nationalities, and this is expressed in this country's diverse cuisines. Italian cuisine is rich in different types of pastas, pizzas, ice creams and each region has its own traditional dishes and raw materials.
Come to our Italian cuisine class in Tel Aviv and feel as if you are in Tuscany!

The menu

  • Roast beef with tomato sauce and roasted pine nuts

    This dish is made of a thick stake, seared on a frying pan with tomato sauce and pine nuts.

  • Foccacia

    The participants will learn how to make foccacia from yeast dough and will get some tips on baking with yeast dough at home.

  • Tagliatelle with beef ragu and vegetables

    We will prepare fresh pasta from Italian durum flour. The participants will prepare the pasta dough by themselves and learn how to process the dough in a pasta sheet roller. Ragu is a beef stew with tomatoes and vegetables (known as bolognaise), which is prepared in a unique manner.

  • Potato gnocchi

    Airy potato dumplings we would learn to make at home from fresh products.

  • Ravioli filled with roasted sweet potato with light pesto sauce

    We will use the pasta dough to make ravioli. The filling will be roasted sweet potatoes and the dish will be served with pesto sauce.

  • For dessert: Chocolate soufflé

    Rich chocolate cake in individual dishes.

How do we work in class?

The participants are divided into groups of 3-4 people by each table. Some of the work is personal, some is in groups and some is demonstrated by the chef for the entire group. The participants try important techniques while preparing the dishes. Each participant will learn how to make pasta, ravioli, gnocchi and focaccia. Each group will prepare the sauces together (ragu, pesto, tomatoes and pine nuts) and the roast beef, as well as dessert and salad for the entire group.

Before we start…

* All participants should wear closed shoes and collect their hair!
** Participants should be at least 18 years old. Younger participants would require a special permission.

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